Dear Members,

Please find below the notice for our Annual General Meeting to be held on 14 February 2018.

Kindly take note of the content of the document.  See also the minutes of the previous AGM and the proposed resolutions.  Kindly contact the office for any queries.

Kindly click here to view the notice of the meeting:  notice_of_agm_14feb18.pdf

Minutes of previous meeting:  minutes_of_agm10feb17.pdf


4.1 Directors remuneration and rate of travel cost  4831677938.pdf

4.2 Rectification of remuneration of DRC members  41729239109.pdf

4.3 Independent External Auditors: appointment and remuneration  41307750137.pdf

4.4 Internal Auditor: appointment and remuneration  41545983849.pdf

4.5 Acceptance of the Conduct Rules  41260799861.pdf

4.6 Acceptance of the DRC Charter (Building Rules)  4626390499.pdf