Dear Members,

We received the following notes with regards to the Dolphin Drive safety issues meeting held on 6 February 2019.


Dolphin Drive safety issues meeting – 6 Feb 2019 – some notes.


We had a very successful meeting (hosted by Marina Martinique HOA) with the Municipal Manager, several Councilors, Aston Bay and Paradise Beach Community Forums, KBF, Jbay Bikers, Estate Agents, Kings College, Humansdorp Co-op and other interest groups.

Charl du Plessis, MM (and the KM team) informed the meeting of current initiatives as follows:

  1. Proposed road – KM supports the road as it will divert some of the traffic away from the busy Dolphin Drive (main road past Kings College and Tokyo Sexwale) to the new road (extension of Duine Rd). A document outlining costs and route was circulated. The timeline is dependent on an EIA due to the road crossing a water course. This is expected to take around 6 months. The objective is to have the road completed by end June 2020 latest.
  2. Lighting – improved lighting (including cameras at certain points) to be installed along Dolphin Drive. R200k in current budget.
  3. Fencing – there is strong buy in from the community for both side of Dolphin Drive to be fenced with openings in the fence to direct pedestrian traffic to recognized crossing points. Humansdorp Co-op is the sponsor. Billy Hattingh and Hattingh Bornman following up and driving this project. Completion expected in 4 – 6 weeks.
  4. Kings College crossing – a road assessment was done some time ago and again recently. A traffic circle and with speed bumps either side appears to be the best solution. Target date is unknown at this stage. To be followed up for speedy action/resolution.
  5. RDP housing – 1500 new houses planned to be built in various locations and some shacks to be removed next to Dolphin Drive.
  6. Stone throwing – traffic police to be more visible along Dolphin Drive.
  7. Community/co-operation/partnerships – the more affluent communities should reach out to the poorer communities (soccer fields, projects, etc). Communities should engage with KM about sponsoring initiatives.
  8. Alternative roads – The Apiesdraai road linking up to Fountains is under consideration, as is the tarring of the current dirt road from Paradise Beach to Humansdorp/Jeffreys road.

The meeting thanked Charl and the KM team for their efforts in resolving the dangerous road situation.

Other points raised:

  1. Consider dedicated drop-off zones.
  2. SAPS was a no show – they do not seem interested in our problems and not visible along the road. Further efforts must be made to get their input and commitment.
  3. Communities to appeal to their members to not stop at the Kings College intersection. Dan Benson to review (traffic cops on duty, barriers, etc) – community sponsored cops and/or barriers may be required.