Dear Member,

Kindly see the below letter regarding the call for director nominations for 2018.


Please note that the closing date for nominations is Monday15 January 2018.

As per the above notice:

In terms of the Memorandum of Incorporation of our Association all Directors are eligible for re-election after a certain period of time as indicated hereunder.

The Board consist currently of the following Directors:

  1. Adv M. van Zyl (Chairperson)
  2. Mr. G.F. Dannhauser (Vice Chairperson)
  3. Mr. A.L.Bekker
  4. Mr. M. Blignaut
  5. Dr. Ciliers
  6. Mr. M Bosch

The following Directors must retire after the period of two years, but may be re-elected:

  1. Adv. M.van Zyl (two years)
  2. Mr. M.Bosch (5 years)

The following Directors were co-opted by the Board due to the vacancy of two posts for Directors.  The following members need to retire and may be re-elected by the members, as they were co-opted:

  1. Mr. A.L Bekker
  2. Mr. M. Blignault


The MOI stipulates as follow: 

“10.1     Composition 

 10.1.1      There shall be a board of Directors which shall consist of 6 (Six) people. Of the six, no fewer than five shall be members and no fewer than five shall be resident members. The board may co-opt an additional two board members should the elected board require           the services of a director(s) with specific skills essential for the proper management of the affairs of the Association. The Directors shall all be non-executive Directors with the exception of one Director that may be an executive director. 

10.1.2                 The non-executive Directors shall comply with the independence   requirement as defined.

Nomination of Directors 

10.1.3      Nomination forms for the election of board members in the prescribed form and format as dictated in Annexure A of this MOI     shall be sent to all members at least 24 business days before the scheduled date of the AGM. 

 10.1.4      Nominations of candidates for election to the board, including Directors seeking re-election shall be in writing on the prescribed form and format, set out in Annexure A to this MOI, signed by two            members in good standing and be accompanied by the written            consent of the candidate nominated and an abbreviated curriculum vitae [CV], containing the candidate’s formal qualifications and experience, so as to be received at the domicilium of the Association not less than 21 business days before the annual general meeting. 

10.1.5      The names of the nominated candidates seeking election or re-election as directors to the board together with their abbreviated CVs shall be distributed to all members and published on the official         web site at least fourteen (14) business days before the Annual     General Meeting.

10.2      Election of directors

          10.2.1      The Election of Directors will take place through a process of E-voting as approved by the Board from time to time.”


  1. The AGM is scheduled for Wednesday 14 February 2018 at 10:00 and the closing date for nominations for Directors will be Monday 15 January 2018.


  1. All nominations must be on the attached, prescribed form and be delivered to:

Marina Martinique Homeowners Association NPC,

1110 Dolphin Drive, Marina Martinique, Aston Bay.

The abovementioned offices of the Association will only be open between 08h00 and 16h00.

Nomination forms may also be sent via fax or e mail (electronically signed).

Fax Number:    042-2920 542

E Mail:   ;

Auditor Moore Stephens WK Inc. (Registered Auditors of 54 Voortrekker Road, Humansdorp) has been appointed by the Board as the Independent Electoral Commissioner who will oversee and manage the electoral process to elect members to the Board of the MMHOA NPC. The E-Voting link for the election of members to the Board shall be sent to all members by no later than 16 January 2018.

In discussion at Board level we have determined the critical skills that we believe will best serve the needs of the Association and these are:

  1. Financial Management/Accounting skills
  2. Engineering and/or Construction related skills
  3. Facilities Management skills
  4. Business Management skills

Nominees must please ensure they are aware of:

  1. The Fiduciary Duties of Directors associated with being a Director of a company;
  2. Ensure that they understand the rules contained in the MOI (our constitution) as well as the general rules of the Association. These documents are available on our website.
  3. The Eligibility Criteria contained in the MOI to be nominated and possibly be elected as Director.

We urge members to seriously consider whom they would like to see as Directors who will serve the best interest of the Association and all members.

ADV . Marius v Zyl


Marina Martinique Home Owners Association NPC